For Garda-vetted and approachable reflexology for children, contact Templeogue Reflexology.

Reflexology for Children

We face all kinds of stresses throughout our life, at all ages. For some this comes later but for some it can happen at early ages.

Our range of reflexology for children therapies work with children of all ages, including babies and teenagers. Our reflexologists are Garda vetted to work with kids, and cooperate with their parents or guardians to ensure your child remains comfortable and relaxed throughout the entire process.

For professional, Garda-vetted reflexology for children, contact Templeogue Reflexology.

Reflexology for Babies

It can be a delicate process when bringing your baby to any kind of treatment centre, and at Templeogue Reflexology, we want to show that we understand that.

Our specialists are highly trained in providing reflexology for babies. We apply the lightest pressure onto the foot, essentially giving the baby a light massage. This helps your baby stay serene and calm throughout the entire time and helps it with decongesting and distressing.

For gentle and delicate reflexology for babies, contact Templeogue Reflexology.

Reflexology for Toddlers

When your child is currently in their toddler stage, you might start to notice changes in their behaviour, as well as changes in their mood. Sometimes it can be detrimental for both you and your child if their energy and stress levels are too high.

Our reflexology for toddlers makes sure your child learns good habits for maintaining their sense of peace and calm for later in life, while also destressing them and removing unnecessary tension.

For calming and relaxing reflexology for toddlers, contact Templeogue Reflexology.

Reflexology for Teenagers

Becoming a teenager has various growing pains attached to it. Responsibility and independence start becoming more important to them and they might be under a lot of stress from puberty, peer groups and school stress.

We provide reflexology for teenagers to help them get through those awkward years a bit easier. We perform therapies that soothe them, helping with symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression.

For accessible and fast-acting reflexology for teenagers, contact Templeogue Reflexology.

Reflexology for Children FAQ

  • How old does my child need to be for reflexology for children?

    We cater to children of all ages, like babies, toddlers and teenagers.