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For unique and tranquil aroma reflexology therapy, contact Templeogue Reflexology.

Aroma Reflexology

A unique service that we offer is aroma reflexology. This unique blend of reflexology therapy allows us to combine standard reflexology treatment with soothing aromas provided by our collection of essential oils.

This is a fantastic option for relieving stress and can easily soothe many worries as you enjoy the treatment and delightful smells.


To book a session with specialists trained in aroma reflexology, contact Templeogue Reflexology.


A technique that has been used for centuries in all sorts of natural treatments has been aromatherapy. It has benefits for your mind and body by letting your body absorb enticing and delicious aromas as it heals all kinds of issues.

When aromatherapy is combined with reflexology, the finished result is a tranquil, peaceful environment that aids your body’s healing ability and calms your spirit.


To see the benefits of aromatherapy and reflexology first-hand, contact Templeogue Reflexology.

Aroma Reflexology FAQ

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  • What is aroma reflexology?
    Aroma reflexology is a reflexology treatment that combines foot reflexology with essential oils and aromas such as lavender to aid the healing process.
  • Can I use essential oils for anxiety?
    Essential oils in combination with our aroma reflexology can help aid symptoms of anxiety, as well as general stress, trauma and depression by helping your body relieve tension and pressure.
  • What is aromatherapy?
    Aromatherapy is a holistic treatment that uses gorgeous smells and odours to relax one’s mind, body and spirit.
  • What are the advantages of reflexology during pregnancy?
    Reflexology during pregnancy helps relax your body as it goes through changes, allowing you to get through your days easier while you await the birth.
  • How old does my child need to be for reflexology for children?
    We cater to children of all ages, like babies, toddlers and teenagers.
  • What does facial reflexology involve?
    Facial reflexology, like foot reflexology, targets key zones on the face in order to relieve tension there and also encourage lymphatic drainage throughout the body.
  • What is the link between menopause and anxiety?
    The link between Menopause and anxiety is due to fluctuating hormone levels, such as estrogen and progesterone
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