For some of the best holistic therapy and reflexology, contact Templeogue Reflexology

Reflexology Templeogue

With over 10 years of experience in beauty therapy and reflexology, Templeogue Reflexology offers some of the best holistic therapy and reflexology.

We provide therapies for both adults and children, aroma reflexology and reflexology for all aspects of fertility, pregnancy and post-natal care.

Our services come highly recommended and we are proud members of National Register of Reflexologists Ireland. You can view some of our customer testimonials on our Testimonials page.

For relaxing and well-paced holistic massages, contact Templeogue Reflexology.

Pregnancy Reflexology

For all aspects of the pregnancy process – fertility, maternity and post-natal care – Templeogue Reflexology offers specific treatments to help aid your body be relaxed and at ease while you are engaging with it.

We offer well-designed sessions for pregnancy reflexology for mothers of all ages and stages of childbirth. These sessions are designed to put your body at ease, relax any hidden tensions and help your body with its natural processes.

For pregnancy reflexology sessions that ease your mind and body, contact Templeogue Reflexology.

Foot Reflexology

A large amount of reflexology targets the foot, applying specific pressure on certain areas that correspond to different trigger points on the rest of your body.

At Templeogue Reflexology, our knowledgable reflexologists are skilled with foot zone therapy, knowing the right amount of pressure to apply and what areas. We provide some of the best foot reflexology for affordable prices.

For highly trained reflexologists trained in foot reflexology, contact Templeogue Reflexology.