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Facial Reflexology

While most reflexology tends to be performed on the foot, facial reflexology adds a spin on the therapy by focusing on zones on your face.

The face is a typical spot for all sorts of tensions and pressure to build up, even without you noticing. At Templeogue Reflexology, we want to help you relieve those tensions, as part of our facial reflexology services.

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Sinus Reflexology

Sinuses can flare up throughout the year for a lot of people, or they may only appear occasionally. Regardless of when they start acting up, you’ll be eager to relieve some of the pain.

At Templeogue Reflexology, we offer reflexology for sinus issues throughout the year. We understand how irritating and painful sinuses can be when they flare up, and know just the right techniques to use to get you feeling more like yourself in no time.

To get some relief for your sinus via reflexology, contact Templeogue Reflexology.

Sinus Massage for Congestion

An effective treatment for sinus pain is a comprehensive sinus massage for congestion. This targets your sinuses directly, applying different amounts of pressure in order to encourage lymphatic drainage and bring your body back into balance.

We apply delicate sinus massages that don’t hurt your face or leave any impressions so that you can look and feel healthy and happy.

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Face Massage

A face massage is a given when it comes to facial reflexology. Our massages help release tensions and pressures from your face, including sensations you didn’t realise you were holding back.

The face massage assist with reducing stress and aiding sleep patterns as well as reducing frown lines, plumping your skin and giving your face a shiny glow.

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Facial Reflexology FAQ

  • What does facial reflexology involve?

    Facial reflexology, like foot reflexology, targets key zones on the face in order to relieve tension there and also encourage lymphatic drainage throughout the body.