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For relaxing and rejuvenating acupuncture services, contact Templeogue Reflexology

Acupuncture Case Study

Available Now for Case Study Clients

Are you seeking holistic and effective solutions for your well-being? Look no further! Mary Grimes, a fully insured 2nd-year acupuncture student in training, welcomes you to experience the healing power of acupuncture.


For professional acupuncture services, contact Templeogue Reflexology

Unlock The Benefits of Acupuncture

  • Disease Prevention: Fortify your body's defenses against illnesses.

  • Treat Chronic Pain: Find relief from long-standing discomfort.

  • Improves Sleep: Enjoy restful and rejuvenating sleep.

  • Emotional + Mental Stability: Achieve balance in your emotional and mental well-being.

  • Improves Immune System: Boost your body's natural defenses.

  • Reduce Stress: Find tranquility in the midst of life's challenges.

  • Headache Relief: Say goodbye to those nagging headaches.

  • Mood Enhancement: Elevate your spirits and enhance your overall mood.


To learn more about the benefits of acupuncture, contact Templeogue Reflexology

The Essence of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is rooted in the ancient philosophy of Chinese Medicine, which revolves around the concept of Qi (pronounced “chee”)—the life force or vital energy that flows within every individual. According to this ancient wisdom, Qi travels through meridians or pathways just beneath the skin. These meridians act like waterways, facilitating the flow of life force throughout the body.

However, at times, Qi can become stagnant or stuck in specific areas of the body, causing imbalances and discomfort. This is where acupuncture comes into play. By delicately inserting sterile, fine needles into precise points along these meridians, acupuncture helps unblock Qi, promoting overall well-being and harmony.

Foot Reflexology

For more information on acupuncture, contact Templeogue Reflexology

Affordable Acupuncture Services

First Consultation & Treatment: €30 for a 60-minute session.

Return Treatment: €30 for a 45-minute session.

Mary Grimes operates a Acupuncture Clinic, offering treatments at discounted rates as part of her Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) studies. She is currently accepting appointments for various concerns, including:

  • Pain Management

  • Anxiety or Depression

  • Insomnia & Fatigue

  • Headaches

  • Sinus & Allergies

  • Digestive Problems

  • Relaxation and Well-being


To book an appointment with an acupuncture professional, contact Templeogue Reflexology

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